Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Perspective Chair by Pharrell Williams

The perspective chair has been seen all over the internet. But it is rather difficult to find a thorough report about it's history and what it's about. The "Perspective Chair" was made in collaboration with a design by Pharrell and being produced by Domeau & Pérès. The chair represents the affection between male and female. As the front legs are a woman's, with the back legs as a man's. This chair is one of very few; Around 4 are in existence of each color, making it extremely valuable. This chair and the others are on display at the "Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie". The gallery started on October 21 2008 and ends on January 10 2009. Okay well enough about the chair. Pharrell's style in this picture is amazing. It's simple, but yet strong enough to make a fashion statement which is rare. I think this outfit says "I haven't changed one bit". His confidence and swagger are superior. This is one of my favorite pictures of Pharrell. I mean, what other multi-millionaire can pull off Vans?

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