Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Outfit of the Week

The Maestro outfit pick of the week features- Retro 12 "Flu Games", Levi Trucker Jacket, Gap Inspi(red) tee, and Camouflage cargo shorts. Well the flu games alone are an amazing shoe all around, as any retro Jordan. If you don't know the history behind them, then you don't know your NBA history well enough. That is besides the point though. The Inspi(red) shirt matches the shoe as any shirt should. But it is the camouflage cargos that set the outfit on fire. If you stop and think, the reason why camo cargos look so good with red and black shoes is because green and red are complentary colors. This is an amazing look alone, and has been seen on many celebs. EX- Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, ect. You get the idea. The "Trucker Jacket" by Levi is the alternative to the ealier rather expensive TRBJ jacket. Levi's Jacket is $45 as opposed to TRBJ's $200 and up. This jacket was also featured on Kanye's "Top 10 Essentials List". The denim jacket will just add a ruggedness to this look. It is a uniqe touch, that not any will have the guts to wear. But if you do wear it, I guarantee you will get major style points; If you you wear it with the correct posture and swag. Of course there will be haters, but they are everywhere. But this outfit, is awesome in my eyes. Tough, but just soft enough to make a fashion statement. "Flu Games" - $149.99, Levi Jacket- $45, Inspi(red) shirt- $25, and Camo cargos- can range in price depending on where they are purchased.

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