Friday, January 22, 2010

Taz Arnold Mestropolis ft, Sara Simmonds

METROPOLIS feat. Taz Arnold & Sara Simmonds

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Very dope, and artistic. I love it.

TISA x Starter Baseball Caps

TISA by Taz Arnold is definitely one of those high end urban lines, that not many know about. But this line of hats with Starter is sick, and a good look for Taz. Authentic and vintage in every aspect, these hats are sure to set you apart. As they are not the same old boring New Era. Definite suggest, with the Spring right around the corner. Taz intended for the price to be lower in comparison to TISA's former stuff. But to the average kid, over 50 is pretty steep for a hat. But it is well worth it. The hats range in price from around $50-80. If your cake is up, then this is a definite must have. Find this hat and many more at